R.E.V.E.L Environmental Support Fund is a private fund set up to help evolve unconsidered space, like rooftops, into environmentally viable, green space. R.E.V.E.L was set-up and is run by Looming Hope, a sustainable clothing company based in Boston. Looming Hope gives a portion of its proceeds from clothing sales to R.E.V.E.L. In addition, Looming Hope organizes and holds fundraising events to secure funds and awareness to convert underutilized earth space into environmentally beneficial space. Outside donations to R.E.V.E.L are definitely accepted and encouraged. You can take comfort in knowing that, because R.E.V.E.L is a private fund run by volunteers, and not a nonprofit with paid board members, 100% of the money donated to R.E.V.E.L goes directly to the projects at hand.

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